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Our Team


Brent Wick, Principal and Employee Benefits Advisor


Tim Eachus, Principal and Employee Benefits Advisor


Chris Poynter, Principal and Employee Benefits Advisor


Drew Mann, Principal and Employee Benefits Advisor


Russ Blakely, Principal and Employee Benefits Advisor


Austin Jett, Employee Benefits Advisor


Katherine Mayfield, Director of Client Services


Stephanie Hall, Esq., Compliance Officer


Steve Jett, Compliance Officer


Carrie Crowe, RN, MSN, Population Health Leader


Melvia Chitwood, Account Manager


Lisa Eaves, Account Manager


Michelle Johnson, Account Manager


Kim Stephens, Account Manager


Kim Whitman, Account Manager


Sandra Browne, Account Manager


Sherri Roe, Account Manager


Meghan Elkins,

Account Manager


Skip Tanaka, Employee Benefits Advisor


Katie Dotson, Communications Manager


Ashley McBryde, Benefit Implementation Specialist


Brie Gebelein, Administrative Support


Marsha Haas, Customer Service Coordinator


Alyssa Cheek, Office Coordinator


Heather Miller, Accounting

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