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Benefits Administration

Choosing the right mix of employee benefits and technology for your company can be a daunting task, but it is nonetheless a critical component of success for many modern organizations. There are lots of different options available to help address these needs, but none of them are a “one size fits all” solution. The technology team at RBA Benefits can take your organization through a neutral evaluation of the modern technology landscape to help you find the right mix to complement and streamline your employee benefits program.

RBA can also often help you find creative funding to offset against the costs of technology implementation and utilization. In addition to a suite of deeply discounted propriety solutions, we have insurance carrier and tech provider relationships that can be leveraged to put money back in your pocket.

Whether you are just trying to get out from under the burden of a paper enrollment process, or you want a full turnkey human resources technology and payroll platform, our in-house technology team can help manage the analysis, selection, implementation and ongoing support for these technologies. The bottom line is that with so many options available, and so many companies trying to sell their solution as “the best”, our approach is to work in tandem with you to identify and implement the most appropriate fit for your organization.

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