HR Service


RBA is happy to provide our clients with a service that keeps our clients current with PPACA, employment laws (federal & state) and ERISA employee notices. Create, store and update required SPDs & 125 Premium Only Plan documents.

Compliance Basics

  • Affordable Care Act Requirements – Obtain step by step instructions on PPACA changes, due dates and employer actions.
  • Employment Law Updates & Reminders – Stay informed of federal and state employment law changes, due date reminders and needed employer actions.
  • Employee Notifications – Generate customized all-in-one annual employee notices such as Medicare Part D, CHIP, WHCRA, HIPAA, Initial COBRA, Health Exchange, etc. Access triggering event notice templates as needed for FMLA, COBRA, HIPAA Breach and Medical Child Support Order Notice.
  • HR Bulletins, Forms, & Library – Receive state-of-the-art HR, benefit, and compliance techniques from our monthly bulletin. Access legally required forms and past bulletins and legal updates.
  • Health Exchange Notice – Our Web-based system automatically creates and emails this notice for distribution.

SPD Wrap & 125 POP

  • Create, store and edit Summary Plan Description (SPD) Wrap and 125 POP within our web-based document center.
  • Documents are updated automatically with required ERISA changes.
  • Clients and their insurance broker can access the SPD Wrap Center.
  • All documents are reviewed and maintained by an ERISA Specialist.
  • Service includes ability to run a Summary of Material Modification (SMM) as needed to communicate benefit changes.

We bring personalized, comprehensive benefits coverage to employees